I use design to solve problems and unlock value.

I use design-related processes, tools, and approaches that solve business problems and unlock new value.
I bring experience to cross-functional teams of business, content, engineering and product experts. I facilitate these collaborations wherever possible.
My services
Why me?
A senior designer and design strategist, I have more than 15 years of experience.  

From strategy, discovery and research through to interaction design, prototyping and testing; I have broad design expertise.

My approach
My work
I've been designing professionally since 2005. You can see my career history on LinkedIn.
I've been lucky enough to work with world-leading organisations in data intelligence, publishing, engineering, and travel, both in-house and agency side.

My work


I'm co-organiser of UX Camp Brighton, the UK's largest UX BarCamp event. A former industry expert for the University of Brighton's MSc User Experience Design, I've also featured in publications such as NET and Web Designer Magazine.

In 2020 I launched Designers in Business, a resource aimed at helping designers gain more confidence in their understanding of business.

An occasional speaker, I've shared my experience at community events and conferences alike. I also mentor and coach fellow designers of all experience levels.

Speaking at Curio Conference 2019

Away from design

My interest in design extends outside of work, but I'm also an avid cook, home-improvement addict, frustrated guitarist and golfist.

I love standup comedy, documentaries, and attempting to train my dog - a Cavapoo called Rory - who gets me out for long walks in the Sussex countryside.

I was born and raised in East London but now live in Brighton. I still get to London regularly for work and love the city.

Like so many of us I love to travel, particularly around Europe by train. Japan is the place I most want to return to.

Befriending a deer in Nara, Japan.