I'm currently Director of Design and UX at Makemedia, an award-winning digital agency based in Brighton.

I've been designing professionally since 2005. In my current role I am responsible for the design strategy and execution of projects from discovery workshops and research through to ongoing product development.

My work has appeared in industry publications including NET magazine, and Web Designer magazine. I occassionally write about the web (and beyond) in my journal.

Away from the pixel-wrangling I'm a regular traveller: mostly European jaunts, but with a long list of farther flung adventures to come. My favourite city is Paris.

I'm a keen cook, and will indulge new food at any opportunity. A Formula One and automotive design geek, I'm also a frustrated golfer. In the evening I laugh out loud at British comedy and stand-up. I love a good documentary.

My interest in design extends outside of the studio, and I regularly attend or volunteer at local meetups and conferences. I also speak at the occassional event, and am part of the team behind UX Camp Brighton.