My approach and design principles.

The optimal strategy at the right time
Design methodologies are well established - my experience helps determine the right ones to use, at the right time.

As a seasoned practitioner of 15 years, I've learned how and when to execute the optimal design strategy.

When have I done this?
In 2019 I helped Pitchup plan and execute a new research and design strategy to improve client setup and self-service capabilities. The resulting user experience aims to save hundreds of hours in support calls during the peak season.
Prioritise learning to maximise value
I use design thinking to uncover opportunities and explore promising ideas, and strive to keep waste out of my process.

I'm a Lean + agile advocate, but adapt to the approach of the organisations I work with.

When have I done this?
Schneider needed to bring their hardware testing ecosystem to market with confidence and at speed. I rapidly explored new processes and app prototypes, testing them on-site to learn how they would perform in real world situations.
People focused + business centric
Balancing business and user needs is important. My approach reflects business goals, budget, and ways of working.

A flexible designer, I always optimise my approach in the pursuit of the best outcomes.

When have I done this?
Having lost ground to competitors, Virgin Holidays were looking for uplift in Caribbean holiday conversion. I co-led an innovation sprint which looked to enhance the destination content and UX, created by upskilling in-house teams.
Embrace uncertainty and constraints
Uncovering opportunity depends on asking the right questions. Every product or service can benefit from fresh enquiry.

My pragmatic approach means that any constraints - tech, budget, time - are an opportunity for focus, not frustration.

When have I done this?
In 2017 I helped bring Foodspark - a subscription product for food industry specialists - to market. By digging deep into the concerns and motivations of this niche audience, we were able to organise and design content fit for purpose.