A couple of weeks ago I attended Leading Design conference, returning for a second year after a seriously impressive 2016 debut. The timing was perfect, coming just a few days before I would start my first contract leadership role as interim Head of Design for a talented internal design team.

I moved to Brighton from East London in summer 2009, joining a small but ambitious web agency called Makemedia. I didn't realise at the time how rewarding this move would be, or just how long I'd be part of the team.

I'm often found considering where my efforts as a designer are most valuable. My time is increasingly spent negotiating the political landscape of the organisations I work with, deciphering how to get the best design out of their teams and ours.

A few of years ago I tried blogging for the first time. Around the same time I changed job, moved to Brighton and somewhere along the way my online journal was soon found wanting. Twelve months went by (ashamedly) without a single entry