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Take Two

A few of years ago I tried blogging for the first time. Around the same time I changed job, moved to Brighton and somewhere along the way my online journal was soon found wanting. Twelve months went by (ashamedly) without a single entry, so when I launched the redesign of my portfolio site last year I decided to leave the blog behind.

Over the past few months though – more so than any other time I can recall – I’ve found myself exploring new ideas, as well as reflecting on the work or writing of others. So, I’ve decided to start my blog afresh.

This time though, instead of being part of my design-based portfolio I’ve decided to keep this journal separate, allowing me to occasionally record my thoughts outside the realm of visual design, front-end development or user experience. It’s bound to make up the majority of my ramblings, but who knows.

I’ve called this journal The Best is Yet To Come, because that’s how I feel about most things. It’s certainly my outlook as far as my own development as a designer goes. I imagine I’ll look back at some of my thoughts and work in the months or years ahead, surprised at how ideas have taken shape, opinions changed and abilities have (hopefully) sharpened up.

Here goes..

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