Ethics and values.

As an independent designer I take responsibility for the work I undertake and the organisations I choose to partner with.

Years of experience have shaped the values I try to uphold as a designer, and the ethical standards I shoot for. As my knowledge and experience grows, these values and standards will be updated.
SectorsI give careful consideration to where my income comes from. I'm in the fortunate position to be selective about which sectors I work for. I am not taking on work in the defence, gambling, adult, or tobacco industries.
Dark patternsI don't work with organisations - or on projects - which look to intentionally mislead a user or customer. I can help organisations avoid dark patterns, or root out unintended dark patterns which may have made their way into a product or service.
Recommendations or referralsI won't recommend products, services, or fellow experts to clients because of any personal vested interests. Any recommendations will be to get the most from your desired outcomes, budget, or capabilities.
Expertise and expectationsI'll always be upfront if I don't feel I'm a good fit for your project or team. I won't oversell my abilities and experience, or take on work I don't feel capable of delivering.
InsuranceAs an independent contractor I have professional insurances in place. This includes £2,000,000 of Professional Indemnity Insurance, and £1,000,000 of Public and Products Liability Insurance.