.NET magazine feature and tutorial

I was excited to have the latest issue of .NET arrive this month, as it would feature a familiar face - mine!

As a .NET magazine subscriber, waiting for this month’s edition to land on the doormat was particularly exciting, as it features a project I’m proud to have been part of for the past twelve months; Makemedia‘s responsive relaunch of Infrastructure Journal.

As part of the ‘How we Built’ section of .NET, the interview covers all aspects of the redesign including project planning, challenges, processes we employed, and the new visual design direction. As a large-scale data driven service, the redesign was a particularly challenging project to deliver responsively, and the article covers in detail some of the solutions we employed.

I’ve also written a tutorial which appears as part of the same issue, sharing the technique used to responsively deliver the thousands of data tables seen throughout IJ Online. Showing how we employed Chris Coyier‘s clever CSS trick for restructuring tables for narrow screen sizes, the tutorial shows step-by-step how this crucial – yet simple – HTML and CSS made a key part of the website usable on small-screen mobile devices.

The ‘How We Built’ interview and my ‘Responsive Data Tables’ tutorial can be found on pages 118 – 120 of issue 228 (June 2012).