My work

I've been designing professionally since 2005, working at agencies and organisations in London, Brighton, and beyond.

During my time at Makemedia (2009 - 2017) I was lucky enough to work with some of the world's leading organisations in data intelligence, publishing, engineering, and creative events. As Director of Design & UX I was also responsible for improving design practice at the studio, while supporting and mentoring a growing design team.

I've worked on large-scale projects spanning months and years, but also undertaken shorter engagements. I'm happy to share the stories, outcomes, and outputs of these projects through my portfolio and in person. You can see my CV and recommendations on LinkedIn.

If you'd like to chat or be sent a copy of my full portfolio, please fill out the request form using the button below.

Who I've worked with

Below is a shortlist of the organisations I've worked with. If you would like to explore my work in detail, please contact me to arrange a chat or request my full portfolio.

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Ascential Group
Glenigan: Design & UX Lead, 11 months (2013-2014)
IJOnline: Design & UX Lead, 14 months (2011-2013)
DeHavilland: Research/UX Lead, 3 months (2014)

Cannes Lions
Cannes Lions Archive: Design & UX Lead, 5 months (2015 rebrand)
Cannes Lions Winners: Design & UX Lead, 1 month (2015)

Virgin Holidays: Caribbean ‘Destination Inspiration’ (2019)

Classifieds Platform: Design & UX Lead (2009)

Infrastructure Finance: Design & UX Lead (2013)

Four Front Group
AreaSq: Design & UX, 8 months (2014)

Business Intelligence: Planning, recruitment, design support (2016)
Client Portal: UX design & strategy (2019 - present)

Reed Business Information
Classifieds Platforms: Design & UX Lead (2010)

RSA Digital
Interim Head of Design & UX (October 2017 - June 2018)
Senior UX Designer & Leadership Coach (June 2018 - January 2019)

RS Components
DesignSpark: UI & Visual Design, 9 months (2011)

Schneider Electric
EOS Advisor/eCat: Design & UX Lead: 22 months (2014 - 2016)

Appointment Tracker: Design & UX Lead: 3 months (2017)

William Reed
MCA Menu Tracker: Planning, design support (2016)
Food Spark: Design & UX Lead, 4 months (2017)

Design leadership

As a design manager I've worked both agency and client-side to foster healthy environments for great design to happen. I enjoy this aspect of my work and actively look for opportunities to support teams where I can.

I value the strong communication skills required to build trust and a shared vision.

I'm constantly curious about better ways to work and improve the design process.

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