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Design Strategy &  Innovation

Uncover compelling value propositions with the help of design, and win with exceptional design delivery.

I help businesses find focus. We prioritise design investments that deliver better outcomes for customers.

My clients are often having difficulty deciding which customer problems to solve and which product features to build.

Sometimes they're trying to do too much or over-investing in the wrong areas. Design and development ends up stretched and product quality suffers.

As a design strategist I help clients get unstuck and find focus.

I use design and research to highlight their strengths and opportunities, and show where design can enhance a strategic advantage. When a business strategy shifts or a major pivot happens, I deliver design that maximises the impact we can have with their budget.

Knowing when (and where) to invest in design is a design decision, and I pride myself in building relationships that allow for honest conversations that are always in the best interest of my clients and their customers.
Past Design Strategy clients...

I've planned and executed design strategies which...

Align with user and business goals.
As a designer with business acumen, I understand that profit doesn't have to come at the expense of better outcomes for users and their environment. As a graduate of the dMBA and founder of Designers in Business, I love helping teams find this balance in order to have more impact and influence.
Help you prioritise where to invest next.
Sometimes my clients are attempting to tackle too much, or over-investing in areas that aren't beneficial. This can lead to resources being spread too thin, and the quality of the product may decline. As a design strategist, I assist clients in overcoming these challenges and sharpening their focus.
Enhance or create your strategic place.
I help clients through understanding their customer's needs, and highlighting opportunities to innovate or improve products which meet them. Design can be a powerful businesses differentiator when executed as part of a clear strategy.
Maximise budgets and reduce waste.
Design methodologies are well established - my experience helps determine the right ones to use, at the right time. I advise on how and when to execute the optimal design strategy for your budget.
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Questions? Here’s a few I've been asked before.

What exactly is a Design Strategy?
Great question. A design strategy is one that uses design to help a business win.

Great design strategy shows how design can make your product stand out, work better for users, and maximise value, all while supporting your business goals.

A design strategy makes sure that design is a valuable asset for the business right from the start, not as an afterthought.

It mixes understanding customers, knowing what can be made, and business smarts - making sure that what you create looks good, works well, and hits the right note with the people you want to buy it, helping your business grow.
What is Value Innovation?
Value innovation is a key strategy concept for carving out new markets where they did not previously exist.

The sweet spot of value innovation happens when the product's usefulness, its price, and the cost to make it are all in sync. Design can often be a key way to carve out new value, and I help clients explore how they can harness this by uncovering these opportunities.
Why should design form a key part of my strategy?
Great design builds a strong connection with your customers. It's more than just looks; it's about making your products user-friendly and your brand memorable.

When your product is a breeze to use, customers come back for more.

Design can lead to smart problem-solving that can drive breakthrough innovations. It helps you say what you mean without the jargon and keeps your business nimble, ready to jump on new opportunities when they arise.
Is Design Strategy expensive?
Spending on good design strategy advice pays off because it's an investment in making your products and services better and more competitive. Great design strategists aren't cheap, but their expert advice can pay for itself very quickly.

Good design can save you money over time by getting things right the first time, avoiding costly mistakes, and reducing the need for future changes. It also makes your offerings more attractive to customers, which can lead to more sales and a stronger brand.

This isn't just about looks—it's about the overall experience that can turn one-time buyers into loyal fans.

Moreover, good design strategy keeps your business sharp in a fast-moving market. It can provide insights into what customers really want, helping you stay ahead of trends and adapt quickly. It can keep you out of trouble by making sure your products meet all the necessary standards and regulations.

In short, paying for expert design advice can mean better products, happier customers, and a healthier bottom line.
“It's his abilities in leading director-level stakeholders in making strategic business decisions about their digital products and business where you see Tom flourish. I would recommend any business who wishes to transform their digital strategy to engage with him.”

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