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My experience
and approach

I use design-related processes, tools, and approaches that solve business problems and unlock new value.

My experience and approach

I use design-related processes, tools, and approaches that solve business problems and unlock new value.

I've been designing for two decades. Over that time I've found approaches and principles that help me deliver great work and build positive relationships with teams.

Progress and pragmatism over tools and process.
Design processes and tools are well established, but are often used unnecessarily or followed blindly.

My experience helps me advise on the best ones to use, at the right time. Less waste, more progress.
Great collaboration, great products and services.
Amazing things happen when there is a shared understanding of goals and a mutual respect for our roles.

I pride myself on fostering positive relationships with stakeholders, product teams, and customers.
Design can help people, planet, and business thrive.
Balancing business and customer needs is challenging, but important.

I prioritise relationships with organisations who appreciate the Triple Bottom Line as an approach to creating greater business value.
Constraints should be embraced, not feared.
Constraints are an opportunity for focus, not frustration. I always start by getting a grasp of scope and any limitations we need work with.

I'm comfortable with uncertainty, and bring clarity through great design.

“I’d jump at the chance to work with Tom again. If you’re considering hiring him yourself, don’t think twice.”

heather Atchison, EnoughSaid

Why work with me?

Good question. There are plenty of designers offering their services as independent contractors and freelancers. So how do you choose the best design partner for your organisation or venture?

Clients have told me they appreciate my flexibility and breadth of experience. I'm a proud generalist: I straddle the worlds of product design, UX, and service design and use the most valuable tools and processes from each discipline.

No waste. No process for process sake.

I extend this mindset to delivery, too. I like to work Lean, but can adapt my ways of working to get the best from the organisation and challenge I'm working with. I'm a flexible designer, always optimising my approach in the pursuit of the best outcomes and greatest value for clients.

But mostly, I pride myself on being really easy to work with. I'm pragmatic, friendly, and keen to build relationships with collaborators and stakeholders that leads to great outcomes.

Supporting the design community

Speaking and Community Events

A regular speaker, I've shared my experience at conferences and community events alike. I'm co-organiser of the UK's largest grassroots UX event, and mentor and advise designers of all levels.

Designers in Business

In 2020 I launched Designers in Business, a project aimed at helping designers gain more confidence in their understanding of business. I'm also a graduate of the d.MBA and an active member of it's alumni.

Content, Podcasts and Writing

I've featured in leading design publications and been a guest on design podcasts. I'm also co-host of Business Design Teardown podcast, exploring the strategy behind the brands designers love.

Talks, podcasts, and interviews

Silicon Brighton: Nov 2022
d.MBA Podcast: July 2022
UX London - UX Fest: June 2021
Clearleft - Clear Thinking: June 2021
Tech Circus UX Crunch: March 2021
The Clearleft Podcast: August 2020
Curio Conference: November 2019
The Creative Collaborator: Climate, mindset, and mastery
UXup: October 2019
Panelist - Careers in UX
Wired Sussex Sessions: May 2017
UXCB 2017: March 2017
So you're thinking of doing a Design Sprint?
PPA Digital Publishing Conference 2013
“Working recently with Tom, I was impressed with the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise so clearly in evidence.”

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