What I can offer you and your team.

Digital product design & UX

High quality user experience can be a competitive advantage, driving digital adoption and customer advocacy.

From early product ideation through to interface design, prototyping and testing, I work with:

  • Established businesses looking to improve the user experience of their digital product.
  • Scaleups looking to refine their product's design, or establish a design system.
  • Organisations exploring product-market fit, who need to bring ideas to life.
  • Product, public sector and agency teams looking to augment their existing talent.

Product research

Confidence you're building the right thing comes from a foundation of reliable insights. Considered research avoids the need for guesswork and mitigates the risk to your investment.

I blend qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand user needs, and measure the success of products designed to meet them. I can help:

  • Understand your customer's needs, and highlight opportunities to innovate or improve products which meet them.
  • Investigate how people really use your product and those like it, uncovering pain points and potential improvements.
  • Explore the competition in your space, establish baselines for user experience and areas you could stand out.
  • Test product ideas with real customers and explore how your product or service measures up to their expectations.

Design strategy

Prioritising which problems to solve and features to build can be tricky. Strong UX strategy ensures that customer needs, business vision, and team capabilities are focused on solving the right problems using the optimal approach.

I can help plan and execute a design strategy which:

  • Focuses on validating ideas using the appropriate level of fidelity and amount of effort.
  • Accounts for the realities of budget and time constraints, avoiding wasted time and resources.
  • Helps you prioritise user needs and business goals through design and proposition testing.
  • Takes advantage of contemporary tools and techniques to deliver maximum value.

Design leadership & coaching

Design talent can make a significant difference to the success of a product or service. Happy, productive teams deliver value through their design skill and advocacy for user needs.

Great leaders set designers up for success, and nurture talent as teams grow and culture develops. With over a decade of agency and in-house leadership experience I can help:

  • Assess the health of your team, and advise on strategies for talent progression.
  • Establish contemporary working practices, processes, and tools which match your team's goals and maturity level.
  • Hire new talent and develop a plan for future team structure.
  • Coach individual designers and new design leaders.

How we can work together

In-house, agency, or public sector? I offer several engagement options.
Arrange a fixed-term contract for me to be part of your team. This could be agency-side or in house.
Need an interim design leader? Advice on building a team or hiring? I can help nurture existing talent and team culture.
If you're not sure where to go next with your product design or strategy, I can offer short-term expert consultations.