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Innovation Packages

From Strategy Mapping to Design Sprints: when it's the right fit, I offer fixed price packages to suit.

Effective design teams understand how their work can impact product strategy.

Strategy can be an intimidating terrain for designers to navigate.

Vague strategy statements can leave teams directionless. Blindly following competitors can lead us up mountains we’ll never conquer. Poorly defined success metrics make it tricky to know if we’ve successfully reached our destination.

My Strategy Mapping for Designers workshop helps bring clarity to strategy, empowering teams to have more business impact.

I help designers gain confidence in the world of business and product strategy in an interactive and collaborative full-day workshop:

  • Part 1: Why strategy matters (and what makes a great one)
  • Part 2: Bringing strategy to life with Strategy Maps
  • Part 3: Applying strategic thinking to customer journeys
  • Part 4: Building a business case for strategically-aligned design
  • Part 5: Advocating for ideas - how to pitch to business peers
  • Part 6: Bonus tools and takeways
Offered as a one-day workshop for teams or at events, attendees leave with new found confidence in how to visually map a business strategy and understand how design can support strategic goals and pivots or shifts.

Want to learn more about Strategy Maps and my approach to helping designers build business confidence? Get in touch, or check out my Product Unleased talk all about mapping product strategy.

I run Design Sprints to help ambitious businesses test new ideas, fast.

I've been facilitating Design Sprints since 2016. They're a great way to test bold new ideas proven five-day formula

They take the best of design thinking and package it into an energetic and high impact process. Together we go from an opportunity to a tested prototype in the space of a week, and learn a lot along the way.

Clients hire me to facilitate their Design Sprint to ensure...

  • They use a Design Sprint for the right business challenge
  • Smooth Sprint preparation and facilitation
  • Creation of a high quality prototype for testing
  • Recruitment of appropriate customers for feedback sessions
  • Post-Sprint recommendations and support
I'm a big fan of the tried and tested Classic GV Design Sprint format and recommend this for most teams.

But for teams with Design Sprint experience, I also offer custom Design Sprints which are designed to include workshops and steps which may suit a more unique of specific challenge.

Want to learn more about Design Sprints? Get in touch, or check out my ProductTank talk or Clearleft Podcast appearance.
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