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Service Design

Delivering exceptional services, and improving the experience of the people behind them.

Whether front of stage or behind the scenes, great services consider the people behind the product and its touchpoints.

Every service interaction is an opportunity to delight and deliver value. When your service is a joy to use, customers remember it, recommend it, and keep coming back.

I help clients deliver services that lead to higher levels of task completion, satisfaction, and loyalty.

I do this by finding a balance between internal and external user needs, and understanding technical constraints from the very start of our engagement.

Although end-user outcomes are always a priority, the goals of those delivering a service are often overlooked. My process ensures internal tools and processes are designed to make the work lives of service workers better, improving team happiness and retention.
Past Service Design clients
“Tom has a unique blend of experience design, business strategy, thoughtful leadership and commitment to craft. Somehow he does all this and manages to inspire everyone around him to do the same.”
– James Box, Berst

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